School Communication and The Child With ADD

09 Nov 19 - 05:45

Of all the accommodations recommended for the child with ADD, perhaps the most important is an established system of parent teacher communication. We all know of the school disasters and heart breaks that can occur as a result of faulty parent/teacher communications it is best to be proactive and as early as possible in the ADD child's diagnosis formulate a parent/school communication plan.
The best ADD school communication procedures are established every year before school begins. A pho...
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Benefits of Private Piano Lessons for a Child

03 Nov 19 - 01:32

Private piano lessons may or may not produce a musician out of one’s child. Most parents want the very best for their children. They want them to be successful, happy, smart and talented. And why not? Being exposed to a multitude of slices of life has a good chance of producing a well-rounded kid. If they are musically inclined, having lessons may give them a spring board to bounce from. If they are not so inclined, then it will be one more piece of information to have stored in their brain’s...
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Help Your Child View Homework Positively

30 Oct 19 - 01:31

Many angry parents lament that their child does not take homework seriously. This warrants a question - how effectively have such parents communicated the importance of homework in education to their children in the first place?
Our kids must know for certain that we, as parents, consider homework important and significant. Here are some tips by Helene Goldnadel for parents to achieve this:
  • Ask the child after each school day what homework the teacher has assigned
  • Set aside fix...
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The Developmental Efficiency of Educational Toys

13 Oct 19 - 02:31

Helene Goldnadel is of the view that kids need significant time at play to recover from the stressful activities of daily life. However, parents can improve the efficiency of playtime by purchasing educational toys for their kids. When playthings provide crucial developmental benefits, parents can offer plenty of playtime without feeling the slightest measure of guilt.
Educational Toys and Early Childhood
Infant learning toys help parents streamline baby development efforts. Babies ha...
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Educational Toys That Come With Extra Advantages

30 Sep 19 - 06:47

The toy business is among those assembling ventures that have an immense market over the globe and have yearly deals that add up to millions if not billions, what with the nearness of youngsters everywhere throughout the world whose guardians are more than willing to fulfill the impulses of their cherished minimal ones. All things considered, kids may be kids once.
In the event that you contrast the present plays with the ones of yesteryears, you will find that they have advance significa...
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Advantages of Children Being Properly Educated by Helene Goldnadel

25 Sep 19 - 05:00

Education is very important with little children because that it the first step they take towards living a correct life, one that starts from common sense principles and one that can help them build a good life afterwards and solve their problems appropriately.
If a child is well-educated, they can gain their self-confidence, they get to feel safe in the world that surrounds them and they know that their parents are always there for them and always support them, even if their parents are ...
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Help Your Kids Achieve Their Full Brain Potential

15 Sep 19 - 06:56

Our brain is the most complex and most vital organ of our body. Apparently, this organ also matures outside the mother's womb; a baby is born with an incomplete brain. Thus, as he grows old, every experience during his/her early years will have an immense effect on his life. Parents know that they need to provide their children with a safe place to live and healthy foods to eat. Just as important as these basic needs are the positive intellectual, physical and emotional experiences that child...
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Helene Goldnadel Tips for Improving Your Child's Study Habits

08 Sep 19 - 06:46

Below list of tips by Helene Goldnadel applies to students of all ages, but parents of early elementary age children will instill these habits into their young children and then continue to reinforce these all the way through high school. What if your child is already in high school? Then start immediately. It is never too late.
1) Always encourage your child. Make sure your child feels that you have confidence in his/her ability to master the material. Likewise, provide a safe place to f...
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Reasons by Helene Goldnadel Why Your Child Hates Reading

22 Aug 19 - 07:11

Are you troubled by your child's disinterest in reading? Maybe you have a young child just learning to read. You try to encourage the learning by reading together. However, each reading session is a struggle. Your child shuns it like a hated vegetable. Or maybe your child can already read, but just doesn't want to. They even tell you straight in your face, "I hate reading".
How did it come to this? Why does your child dislike reading? Basically, it comes down to one thing: the love for re...
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Helene Goldnadel Ideas to Get Your Child Reading

17 Aug 19 - 05:11

Research has shown that children who begin reading from an early age develop more of an appetite for books and tend to perform better at school. Whilst some kids seem to be natural bookworms, others sometimes need a bit of a prod before sitting down to read, and with such a wide range of titles now available there is something that should interest any prospective reader. If you're a parent worried that your child isn't reading enough, sometimes delving into your own past can provide great sol...
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